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Testimonials from Fans and Clients

MillianMade has ARRIVED our here! Y'all need to get down with the new hotness!!!

I LOVE the MillianMade rain jacket, it's so COOL! the hoodie is attached inside the neck of the jacket, which has a built in zipper. I can use the hoodie for when there's a hard thunderstorm, but can tuck it away inside the neck zipper when it's drizzling or just a chilly day. Comfortable and durable, I use this jacket almost everyday. This jacket is worth the cost!

Tommy Larkin

Ty Robinson

I just bought the black and white headband and I really like them! I like how they have the ability to adjust with the tie back feature.

I Just bought this MillianMade hoodie, and it's DOPE! Once the weather cools down, this hoodie is #1 on my wardrobe list!

Gordon Purdie

Randy Cooper


The thing I love most about this sweatshirt is that it feels super soft. It fits me quite well.

I love my MillianMade white ladies hoodie. The material is warm and comfy. I like white clothing and this white hoodie is pristine! It's the best thing to have on deck for a cool summer night by the beach. I will definitely order again!

Mitch Cohen

Marlo Boyd

I really love the hoodie. It's one of my favorites! It's so comfortable and I love that every time that I look at that (Made) on my chest, it reminds me that I can change the game!

Denisse Prado

My honest opinion is the shirts are dope. I love the logo & the material's are high in quality. I'm really looking forward to wearing the sweatshirt. The quality is grade A... I'm gonna get a few more shirts in the coming weeks.

Phillie Robinson

I like the products very much. Keep it up MillianMade!

I am very happy with my MillianMade Sweatpants, they are soft, comfortable, and well-MADE. Excellent customer service and most importantly, I support the president (Maxmillian) 1000% percent with all the businesses endeavors. I will purchase from here again!

Patsy McNeill

Jacqueline Twohie

I bought the Metallic gold sweatshirt and the material is unmatched! Walking around town in style, while I see others looking at how cool the gold letters are on my chest.

Jeff Jones

The red metallic crewneck is the real deal. I wear it all the time, and it never goes out of style! Definitely shopping here again (and again)!

Jonas Vasquez

The MillianMade Fitted hat is perfect for my summer cookouts with the family. MillianMade is TOP NOTCH QUALITY.

I support MillianMade and what it stands for. All I have to say is: You BETTER buy a sweatshirt!

Tyrone Cooper

Paritosh Kumar

Great quality items. Thats all I was looking for. With the material its made of, you're getting MillianMade clothing for a great bargain.

Frank Maxwell

Ordering was easy. I was able to purchase through CashApp. Communication was fluid. I was notified once order was shipped and delivered. Delivery was fast and the quality of the product was better than expected. I wore my [change the game] shirt the very next day!

Meggan Jordan Johnson


I will definitely be purchasing from MillianMade again. The quality of the hoodie is fantastic, because it's so soft and the colors really make it pop! Very pleased with my purchase. 

Destiny Thompson

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