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Meet The Founder

A Born Entertainer

From the moment I started talking, I’ve been entertaining. I’ve been a professional Entertainer since 2005. I put on interactive and engaging performances with audiences of all ages around the Tri-State area and elsewhere. I’m here to put a smile on your face by providing you with quality entertainment that’s always intriguing. I perform in my own stage show, and I’m also available for private parties and corporate events.


Maxmillian Robinson
"The Game Changer"

MillianMade, born to change the game

Call me "The Game Changer"! As an Entertainer, performer, and high intensity Athlete in New York/ New Jersey area since  2005, I have enjoyed entertaining audiences for most of my life. Let me help to make you laugh and smile. Stay connected to me and find out more about my life on the social media tabs listed above.

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Read all about me and how I "Change The Game"

Director/Media Producer

Since 2019

Since being in the industry, my creativity has constantly expanded. Check out some of my latest work, directing a one minute  commercial for my business: MillianMade LLC


Since 2005

Since I was young, I've always been destined to showcase my talents; Especially physically. Being an experienced Basketball player for most of my life, while also partaking in Football, Track & Field, and also General Fitness, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to commit yourself to high achievement goals. Explore my journey as an athlete by watching my highlight videos, and by visiting my social media platforms


Since 2018

People would tell me that I had a handsome physique from a young age. Since becoming a model, I've had the opportunity to show the world what I'm made of. I partake in runway events, fashion media events, and photoshoots. Email me down below to contact me for a booking.


Since 2016

I love to make new things, no matter what it is. I've known basic editing since I was in middle school. Only now have I just started this hobby of mine into a profession. Email me down below for a booking.


Since 2020

Adding a new sense of creativity to my arsenal, I've decided to create this show to exhibit my talent of being spontaneous. Check out my latest YouTube show: King Things. This show will provide you: Funny, interesting, informational stories; Motivational life tips; And daily adventures regarding my life. Subscribe to my channel and watch my content today!


Since 2018

I always felt the need to express myself through something I can call my own. MillianMade is my own personal brand, which specializes in selling retail products and accessories. Our motto is "Change The Game", which means: It does not matter where you started or came from, but with hard work and determination, you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it. We can all be MillianMade because success is a journey, NOT a destination. Lets travel towards greatness together! Shop today to become part of the family.


Since 2010

Throughout my life, I've been considered to be quite a "character". Now, you understand why. I have been fortunate enough to have worked on many different big time television shows: Madam Secretary, Mr. Robot, The Blacklist, City on a hill (to name a few). Click down below to see a glimpse of my acting skills from my self directed commercial.


Since 2019

I was once told by my parents: When you hear information, write it down so you'll never forget it. Since then, I've decided to communicate with others, take writing lessons, and even participate in the local newspaper for my community. My writing varies from topic to topic. See my portfolio to get a glimpse of what's in store when you hire me.

My Core Values

See what I stand for

Teacher Resources
Heart Lock and Crown
Image by Cytonn Photography

I call myself "The Game-Changer" for a reason. I commit myself to hard-work, determination and effort in everything I do. If you learn anything about me, it's that I always take pride in what I do, and will do anything to meet my needs, and the needs of others. Challenge me to help with any of your needs, and I promise you there will be no disappointment.


Whatever task that needs to be delivered, you can trust me to get the job done: Whether you need me to deliver a product to you, memorize a script for an upcoming movie/commercial, or create a movie to release in your latest film festival, you've found your guy. Email me your preferences and we'll get started ASAP!


While I'm a man who wears many hats, that does not stop me from being an everyday person. No matter if you request me for one of my bookings, or are just interested in what I do, you matter to me! My goal is to get an experience out of everyone I run across in life, and who knows: Maybe I can assist you in the future (Or vise versa)! Talk to me today about booking me, purchasing items from my sore, or to simply talk about life!

Building a healthy relationship

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Outstanding Reviews

Testimonials from Fans and Clients

"An athlete, a model, & an entertainer, all while working hard to make his business a success. He's a hard worker, and it's good to see him complete all the tasks on his plate effortlessly. Well done."

Brenda Laux (Director/Technical Director for PBS; Former CNN Technician)

"Good, talented, hard-working kid. He always has his head on straight, and keeps a positive attitude during any situation."

Paul Thaler (Educator; Adelphi University)


"There's no doubt that I want to be successful, Which means that day by day, I'm understanding what it truly means to be Millianmade."

Jacquelyn Smiley (Writer; The Delphian Newspaper)

“Maxmillian is truly THE GAME CHANGER!! He kept my crew and I on the edge of our seats. I was thrilled & entertained in every category. Thanks for making it a game to remember. I definitely recommend hiring Maxmillian!”

Team MEJ


My Services

Game-Changing Entertainment


Millian Made

Personal Business

Since the beginning I've always considered myself a trend setter. Now, I finally have the opportunity to show you why. My retail company, Millian made, inspires you to feel confident with your own self being, while also enabling you to value yourself to a millian percent (get it?). Shop today and become part of the family



Game Tape

I was destined to play basketball and let loose on the court in front of an audience. I personally invite you to join me for a one-on-one or team. I guarantee you and your friends will have an incredible time no matter your play style. My goal is to produce unforgettable memories to all audiences and age groups. Get in touch with me today to learn about my availability.



Whenever you need a game-changing production crew, look no further than here. I'm a passionate director with many creative ideas to bring to the table. Email me now to discuss making a masterpiece.

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Shows / Speaking Events

Laugh or Cry

I always strive to be a hit with my performances and shows. I customize all of my acts depending on the audience and location, and always manage to create an engaging and unforgettable interaction. I've been working hard to develop my voice to stand out and entertain. Stay connected to see what's next on my agenda.

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Lets Help Others & The World

I’ve been working constantly to develop my own artistic voice in order to stand out in the entertainment scene. But with great gifts comes great responsibility, so I love to help others! I guarantee if you help, you and your friends will have a good time too! Stay connected to learn how we are working with others.



Memorable Advice

I work great with anyone and I greatly appreciate life lessons. No matter what you may be dealing with, just know I understand. If there's any questions that I can possibly help answer for you, then please ask. If you need any added motivation to keep going/continue pursuing your dreams; Then I would me more than happy to help. Email me and we can schedule a time to talk.

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"MOVE If you're not on your way you're in the way... success"


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Help us to #Changethegame!

Tell us anything, from rating your shopping experience, asking a question or even leaving us a compliment. One of our core values at MillianMade is building a healthy relationship with our customers. Without you, there is no us. Share your thoughts!


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